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484th Bombardment Group (H)

The 484th Bombardment Group (H) was part of the 49th Bombardment Wing, Fifteenth Air Force during World War II.  To see how the 484th fit into the structure of the Fifteenth Air Force, take a look at the Fifteenth Air Force website.

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Our Mission

The 484th Bombardment Group Association was established to

The 484th BG now has a Message Board where you can get answers to questions about the 484th Bomb Group.  Click on the link above.

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We have recently discovered that the French government is searching for veterans who served in France during WWII.  Flying missions over France could qualify you to recieve the French Legion of Honor.  This means that many of the members of the 484th qualify.  To see if you qualify, please take a look at this file - French Legion of Honor.

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Presidential Unit Citation

On 13 Jun 1944 a heavy smoke screen prevented the group from bombing marshalling yards at Munich; however, in spite of severe damage from flak and interceptors, and despite heavy gunfire encountered at the alternate target, the group bombed marshalling yards at Innsbruck and received a PUC for its persistent action.

Received second PUC for performance on 21 Aug 1944 when, unescorted, the organization fought its way through intense opposition to attack underground oil storage installations in Vienna.

Clint Eastwood